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Project Shop is experienced in preparing the underside of cars to a highly-detailed state. In a world where a quick coat of thick black underseal suffices, why bother?

“If you love your car, getting the underneath as good as the top marks you out as someone who cares about the detailing.” Project Shop boss Simeon Cattle reckons. “We can tidy up the underneath with a coat of the thick stuff. But we prefer to use that to protect the floors of classics ‘in use’ while masking up suspension components. With the underseal in place, we then de-rust and repaint suspension, steering and exhaust items on-the-car. This adds a level of protection appropriate to the items we are dealing with. It also shows any prospective buyers how thorough you are as an owner.”

For classics restored to a higher standard, with painted underbodies and freshly zinc plated components still on show, Project Shop uses clearcoat wax. This leaves the wonderful presentation on view, while placing it behind a waterproof barrier. So, you can win at concours on a Sunday, then drive to work on a Monday.

Home » Workshop » Corrosion Repairs » Underbody Detailing – Coating Your Classic
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