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Original, modern or hybrid?

Lets face it, if there is one area that has come on leaps and bounds over the last 50 years it is in car entertainment. Most classic cars were fitted with basic mono radios receiving Longwave and Medium wave transmissions, which is not much use to us in the 21st Century.

In the modern world we want to be able to pair our iPods, mobile phones, listen to the latest DAB radio stations or if you are slightly retro about your music play a CD!

The obvious solution is to take out the old radio, cut the dash and fit a modern ‘Din unit’ into the dash, but this rarely looks good and damages the dash beyond repair. Luckily there are many solutions!

Hiding a Stereo

It is often possible to ‘hide’ a head unit. We have previously fitted modern units into the glove box or under the rear parcel shelf so that your classic car’s looks and authenticity aren’t compromised. Most can be controlled with a discreet remote allowing you to change tracks and stations on the move. With Bluetooth you can make and receive telephone calls and operate MP3 players or music stored on thumb drives.

Retro style radios

There has been an explosion in the number of companies offering ‘retro styled’ head units. Designed to fit in twin spindle slots their advantage is that they fit in the existing hole. They vary in quality and can be fiddly to set up, but they offer a compromise for a reasonable price, which can be attractive in a car you only do a few thousand miles in.

Remanufactured radios

At around double the price of a retro styled radio is the real deal. An original Radiomobile, Blaupunkt, Becker or similar, where the internals have been removed and modern circuitry put in. They have Bluetooth, modern amps and look the business in a classic dashboard. They too can be fiddly to use, especially when selecting play lists, but are generally of better quality.

Pod Speakers

One of our favourite solutions, especially in sports cars with limited space is to simply hard wire a modern Bluetooth speaker into the car. They can be hidden under seats, behind door panels or under dashes. Then you simply pair up you phone and listen to your play list.

Home » Workshop » Auto Electrics » Upgrade your Stereo with Project Shop
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