WOSP Alternators and Dynators for Classic Cars

They really are the last word in battery charging. Banish lazy charging dynamos and low power alternators to history. Make sure you are fully charged!

Modern Charging Power for Classic Cars

We love WOSP Alternators and Dynators, but why? The million dollar question when it comes to upgrading any part on your classic car should be: ‘If it worked well enough in 1966, why do I need to upgrade it in 2020?’

The answer, of course, is we are far more power hungry in 2020. Even in our classics we demand: Stereo, high powered headlamps, electric cooling fans, USB ports and the list goes on! When you start to tot up the additional drain from all these things it is no wonder the originals struggles to keep up!


If you have a car that was on the road before 1965 it probably has a dynamo. In peak operating conditions such as driving down a A-Road at 50 MPH your dynamo will produce about 13.5 Volts at 20 AMPS. As soon as you slow down, that drops back and if you sit idling, the battery will actually go into discharge.

In modern driving dynamos are rarely charging your battery. In fact, if you have electrical add-ons such as an electric cooling fan, they are only just keeping up with the basic demand. Lead acid batteries like to be kept really well charged. The more time they are in discharge, the more performance they loose.  It does not take long for them to fail, however big the capacity.

The answer of course is to upgrade your dynamo to an alternator. They produces more power, more efficiently. They even charges your battery at idle. Yet thanks to WOS Performance, an electrical engineering firm in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire there is an even better solution.

WOSP Dynator

WOSP have been able to engineer the internals of a modern, high capacity Denso alternator into the housing of a classic Lucas style dynamo. The benefits therefore are:

  • Vastly improved charging capacity
  • Longer battery life
  • Instant charging the moment your engine bursts into life
  • You maintain the period look of your engine bay
  • Simple replacement, no major engineering or modifications

Over the last 9 years, we have fitted dozens of WOSP Dynators. In cars as exotic as an Aston Martin Le Mans through to early MGB’s. Without exception they have cured the owners charging issues and maintained reliability.

Most dynamo’s are in relatively straight forward positions in the engine bay. Fitting them, with new cables and re-wiring your engine bay to suit can be accomplished by one of our experienced technicians in a morning.

Why Do I Need a Better Alternator?

Most cars post 1965 will have an alternator. Generally they will produce about 45 AMPS of power and were adequate in their day.  When the cars were being used everyday for long periods of time they had time to charge the battery up because that was all we asked them to do.

In the modern day we leave our cars parked up for weeks on end, jump in them, plug in our phones, switch on the radio, fire up some high wattage headlamps and expect it all to work. Sadly it doesn’t. You see, these alternators were marginal back in the day. It is a little know fact that it takes them about 20 mins just to replenish the power in the battery after start up.

WOS Performance alternators, manufactured in Aylesbury just a few miles away, make a huge range of high power replacements providing between 65 and 200 Amps. Engineered to simply replace the original unit, they use quality Denso cores.

WOSP alternators are excellent value and available for almost every classic car on the market. We have fitted dozens over the last 8 years and are yet to see one car back with charging issues.

Getting One Fitted

There is a huge range of different options, especially for the alternators, so to make sure you have exactly the right information please fill out the following request form and we will be able to send you a bespoke quote. For a ball park, labour and wiring materials rarely goes beyond £250 + VAT.

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