Classic car interiors are so much more than a set of recovered seats! Our trim department repair, recolour and build bespoke interiors. From carpets to headlinings and everything in between!

Repairs, Restoration or Recover?

At Project Shop total re-trims are not the only solution. More often than not we can totally transform the interior of your car without the need for new materials or a complete strip.
Our in house upholstery team use ‘Leather Restoration Company’ products which help us to:
  • Repair cracks and splits in leather and vinyl
  • Repair holes in cloth and carpet
  • Carry out colour restoration on Leather and Vinyl
  • Carry out complete colour changes on Leather and Vinyl
However if the interior of your car is well past its best or you want to change it more to your tastes then we can certainly help.

Complete Re-trims

You can often buy seat covers and door cards directly from your specialist parts supplier. They promise to be ‘great quality, easy to fit and cost effective’. In our experience, they are anything but! The reality is that they are made of average materials and they never quite fit!
The good news is that we can make you a bespoke set of seat covers, in grade ‘A’ materials and tailor them to your car. Almost always within the budget of a mass produced kit and the time taken to fit it.
We use materials that are correct for the age and style of your vehicle, not just those that are the easiest or cheapest available. This will give you the very best, most stylish finish to your interior.
Whether you are looking to replicate the original factory finish, improve on the original quality or want a completely bespoke interior we can help make your vision reality.

Bespoke Carpet Sets

We make all our carpet sets in house, specifically for your vehicle. We use 100% wool, automotive carpet.  The tailored finish means that they fit perfectly and do not ‘ride up’ around complex areas such as seat runners and pedals. They are either wool bound or edged in matching vinyl to your taste. We can even sew in rubber or vinyl heel mats. With over 20 different weaves and colours at our disposal the finished article gives a quality look and feel that you won’t find in a mass produced carpet set.


Often overlooked, a quality replacement headlining can be a game changer for the look of your car’s interior. If your headlining has become detached, sagged under its own weight or is just plain filthy we can replicate the original factory finish or create something unique.

Upholstery Projects

AC Ace Bristol

There are few cars more beautiful than an AC Ace. This Bristol engined car needed its seats and leather bringing back to life as well as a new carpet set.

Arnolt Bristol

A Millie Miglia and historic racing superstar, this unique Arnolt Bristol wanted for plump seats and new wool carpets to make it more comfortable for endurance events. 

Land Rover Bowler

Our trim shop added a new level of comfort to this amazing Rally Raid Bowler. We re-trimmed the Recaro seats in Italian leather and added wool carpets through out.


The interior of Anthony’s Lagonda was well passed its best . We chose period aniline leather together and remade it as faithfully as possible from period photos

Jaguar XJS

Not every car needs a full re-trim. This XJS has been brought back to factory fresh condition with Leather Repair Company products. Not only do the looks good – The smell amazing 

Porsche 964

Air-cooled 911’s don’t have the most luxurious of interiors. Our brief here was to create something that looked like it came from factory at first glance, but add that missing luxuary. 

Volvo 122s

Part of a total restoration, our customer wanted his Volvo 122s to be comfortable, quiet and inviting. Leather replaced the sticky vinyl and wool carpets the embossed the rubber mats. 

Range Rover 

Sometimes buying a ‘kit interior’ is the only way to get the right cloth or carpet. But that does not mean it has to look mass produced. Tailored to fit we were still able to get an amazing finish.

VW Camper 

CJ has been carrying out an amazing rolling restoration on his beloved ‘Splitty’. When it came to the interior, he knew what he wanted, but couldn’t quite work it out himself. Enter Project Shop!

Jag Headlinings

If your Jaguar XJ, XJS or XK8 is suffering from a saggy headlining, help is at hand! We can replace it with a factory looking replacement that will instantly freshen any interior.

Jensen CV8 

Part of a total restoration every part of this Jensen interior was made or refurbished in house from the West of Ireland headlining down to the 100% wool carpets. Luxury personified. 

Get Your Car Booked in Today

There is nothing like seeing, touching and smelling the materials or talking through what you really want the inside of your classic to be.Make an appointment to meet the Project Shop Upholstery Team.

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What Our Customers Say

Project Shop rebuilt my Triumph TR6 chassis and body, which was an extensive job as it was a wreck. Several other workshops had looked at it and declined to take it on, but Simeon and his crew took a different viewpoint. I now have a car body and chassis, that although are 49-years old, the whole thing looks brand new. The attention to detail, and the efficiency with which the work was carried out, was outstanding. Highly recommended!


I took my brand new replica vintage car in to the Classis Project Shop for a tune of its carburetors as it wasn't running as well as it should. I was aware of some other niggling problems but took very little heed of them. A very detailed examination of the car was clearly carried out and there were a number of issues discovered. Some I was aware of and others I wasn't. What I got back was a car that was no longer 85% right - it was 100%. This gave me a huge amount of confidence in the reliability and safety of the car going forward. This company is extremely professional, with experienced and courteous staff and represents excellent value. I would certainly very highly recommend them.


I can’t recommend Project Shop highly enough and have used them multiple times in the past 4 years. Highly experienced classic car mechanics/engineers with a can do approach and encyclopaedic knowledge of how to repair/fix any problem – this is so critically important, is virtually impossible to find these days and saves time and most importantly money. Very reasonable hourly rates when you consider what you are getting and they seem to actually care about the car a great deal. All aspects of a project are discussed in detail before any actual work/repairs are commenced and the customer is kept regularly informed, the communication really is excellent. You are invited to visit and inspect the vehicle for yourself if an when an issue crops up and are made to feel most welcome not to mention the invaluable advice given on how to best maintain your vehicle moving forward. Without doubt one of the best classic car specialists in the country.


Owning a classic car is a combination of excitement, joy, pride and, mostly, frustration. The team at CPS share the first three and help to take the sting out of the fourth. Simeon is always available with good advice, sympathy and a willingness to go the extra mile to keep a car at it's best. His team look after the vehicle as of it is there own, and no detail is too minor.

A professional and detail orientated team, with extensive knowledge and experience, and a pleasure with which to deal.


A real delight to find people who love their cars. They have an encyclopaedic knowledge of the past and present issues surrounding the motor vehicle. A welcome change from the motor dealerships that don't care much about "old" only value "new" and think that they part of a car service industry whilst their only concerns are profits and sales targets.
From my own experience, Simeon and his team are a pleasure to deal with, since I was introduced to the Classic Project Shop my "Aston" has never run so well


Driving Puff yesterday was amazing - she felt like a new car again. Thanks to all the guys who have worked so hard to make this dream of mine a reality. And Puff thanks you too!


Did a fantastic job on my Goddess, running like a dream! Really enthusiastic bunch of people who know their stuff. The commitment and customer service is second to none and they will always be my first port of call from now on. Thank you.


Kind, reliable and so helpful. I had purchased my first T25 camper and they checked it over thoroughly, explaining everything to be done. Simeon was attentive and never made me feel out of place or awkward. Answered all questions and found the best solutions. Personal and caring service and excellent work, even helping me by phone when I was stuck in France with an oil leak! Superb people. Cannot praise their professionalism enough.


A great bunch of dedicated people who have a passion for cars.


Had a good look around whilst on a breakfast meeting and was very impressed. Well done.


Great bunch of lads and only too happy to help and offer advice.


I’ve not, in 52 years of motoring, had better service. Collection and delivery of my car, swift diagnosis and cure with excellent value for money. A group of very personable people who share my enthusiasm for motoring, I’ll use them again without a second thought. Thank you, Guys, I’ll be back!


The quality of the work and the people. Update! Been back again and just as happy. The team is talented and professional. They can have my Classic Mini next. 100% Recommended.


Driving Puff yesterday was amazing - she felt like a new car again. Thanks to all the guys who have worked so hard to make this dream of mine a reality. And Puff thanks you too!


Outstanding work carried out here, highly recommend.


Virtually replaced evety section of the inner bodywork of my Triumph TR6, and parts of the chassis. Didn't muck about, but just got on with it and did a great job. I will always go back there - every time. No question.


Good honest old fashioned values. Highly recommended.


Fantastic bunch of guys, very knowledgeable and professional.