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Of the hundreds of ways you can improve and personalise your car, upgrading the wheels and fitting new tyres is one of the easiest.

Why new wheels?

Original wheels may be buckled or rusted. They may have broken or have damaged spokes or rims if wires are fitted.

Installing new wheel rims allows you the choice of what you want, and can add value to your car. If you’re on standard steels with hubcaps, fitting new alloys can often be cheaper than getting the wheels refurbished and the hubcaps re-chromed.

If you have old painted wire wheels, fitting chromed ones can add pizzazz. And if you wish to go for a sportier look, fitting new allows you to opt for slightly wider rims and therefore tyres.

Question is, from Minilites, slotmags, Dunlop alloys, chromed wires or for the best in one-upmanship, alloy-rimmed Borrani: what would you choose to suit your car?

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Summer, Winter, or All-Season?
Complimenting some new wheel rims, newer tyres will provide more grip, therefore improving handling compared to older styles. Modern design, materials, and construction of tyres can make the difference in adverse weather conditions. Having seasonal tyres can benefit stopping distances and all round grip. In cold & wet weather testing, winter tyres can have a car stopped at the point where a summer tyre shod car will still be travelling at 20 mph.

Summer tyres perform best when temperatures are always above 10°c, whereas winter sets perform best when temperatures are lower than 10°c. All-Season tyres work across the year, giving up performance in all seasons for the convenience of keeping them on all year round.

Don’t cheap out on sub-par tyres, they’re the only part of the car in contact with the road surface!

Home » Workshop » Trim and Body » Wheel & Tyre Upgrades
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