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Rubbish windows drives us crackers!

If, every time you have to roll down the window you have to fight with the handle, or it simply drops into the door cavity when you go over a bump Project Shop is here to help. There is nothing sexy about window mechanisms. When they work we take them for granted and when they don’t we grudging put up with them, but it does not have to be this way.

With opening windows, or ‘drop glass’ in motor trade parlance, it’s imperative to get a decent fit. Otherwise you are liable to get leaks, wind noise, and in some cases, the inability to roll the window up when driving along!

Clean, lubricate, adjust, repair or replace?

We can adjust, repair or replace window mechanisms. That includes repairing teeth on cogs, freeing off jammed hinges and reducing play between pinion and handle. Basically we can make everything that needs to move do so as it should, when it should.

We start from first principles – assessing the operation of the channel seals and sealing rubbers fitted, so that once operational, what you get is something that fits and looks ‘as good as new’.

Then we will clean lifting quadrants and cable systems to assess wear. Plastic pulley and jockey wheels need to be cleaned and freshly lubricated. Other parts are ‘soak-lubed’ over night to ensure full penetration of machine oil into all the components. We don’t use grease which hardens in cold weather!

Getting every detail fettled to perfection is our objective, so that when you go to open or close a window, no matter whether manual or electrically operated – it works. Perfectly. Every time.

It’s in our DNA.

Home » Workshop » Trim and Body » Window Adjustment: Perfection In Motion
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