If there is one thing we do more of at Project Shop than anything else, then it is recommissioning classics. Usually the cars have been picked out of collections, or come from an estate sale. Often they have been dormant for years. We know exactly how to mechanically refurbish them so they are safe and reliable.

It all starts with a thorough and methodical check over. By starting at one bumper and finishing at the other we can accurately gauge the condition of not just the car, but 90% of its components too.

We use our Health Checklist as a starting point, but really burrow down to the detail to make sure we have an accurate picture. From there we can build a traffic light report showing you:

  • What is dangerous
  • What may cause reliability issues
  • What areas will cause problems in the medium future
  • What can be done simply to improve the car’s condition or originality.

From there you can make your mind up where to spend your money. From Aston Martin DB4’s through to Volvo PV544’s we have resurrected over 100 classic cars. Come and talk to us about a recommission before or after you own it and we will be happy to help.