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Our mission is to making your cherished car work. Whether it is in need of a full restoration, servicing, auto electrics or chassis refurbishment.

We can make your car perform perfectly. It is all in the detail, mechanical, electrical or cosmetic we can help.




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Project Shop is delighted to have restored and prepared the World’s most famous Austin Maxi ‘Puff the Magic Wagon’. During 2017 Puff and Bron have competed across England and Europe, even staring at the Goodwood Festival of Speed.

Read all about our Maxi Adventure!


Find out about some of the most popular services we offer at Project Shop, whether that be a full rebuild, or dealing with a specific issue.

Fitting Battery Trickle Chargers or Conditioners

Call Project Shop Tell us about your restoration project 01869 351883 Home »  Battery management - The trickle charger How many times have you gone to take your car out for a drive and the battery has been flat?...

6 Volt to 12 Volt Conversions

Call Project Shop Tell us about your restoration project 01869 351883 Home »  6 Volt to 12 Volt Conversions If we are completely honest 6 Volt electrical systems are a bit of a pain in the backside.  The majority...

Classic Car Clocks and Gauge Refurbishment

Call Project Shop Tell us about your restoration project 01869 351883 Home »  Tired of inaccurate or broken gauges? If there is one thing that drives you round the twist when driving old cars it is when the gauges...

Classic Car Electrical Upgrades

Call Project Shop Tell us about your restoration project 01869 351883 Home »  Engineering solutions to common classic issues Lets face it, there are many times when you think to yourself 'I wish my classic did XXX...

Engine, Gearbox, & Axle Rebuilds

Rebuilding engines, gearboxes and axles can be a daunting at Project Shop we have the space and expertise to deal with these big jobs in a time and cost efficient manner.

Classic Car Suspension Geometry

Classic cars more than 15 years old will all benefit from detailed attention to their suspension – both condition, and set-up.

MOT Preparation & Testing for Classic and Vintage Cars

Project Shop are experts when it comes to making your classic or vintage car safe to drive, and can ensure an MOT pass.

Classic Car Restoration

Project Shop are experts in the restoration of classic cars. We build them so they are reliable, fun to drive and ‘right’ down to the last detail.

Classic Car Inspections

Whether you are buying a car, recommissioning one, or working out how to restore one, then having the best information to hand is paramount.

Tune Your Classic Car

When it comes to classic cars tuning is all about getting the right amount of fuel and air and knowing when to set fire to it!

Fuel Injection

Fuel Injection is common on performance cars of the seventies and on most post 1980 cars. Project Shop has vast experience of setting up these systems on modern classics.

Classic Car Gearbox Conversions

We’ve put LT77 BL gearboxes into MGB V8s, used the Ford Type 9 in MG TF’s and Mk1 Escorts, and are up to speed with the latest conversion techniques.

Overdrive Units

If your overdrive doesn’t work, is slow to engage or disengage, thumps going into gear, makes noise or has any other fault, get in touch with Project Shop.

Carburettor Rebuilds

Project Shop has vast experience of rebuilding carburettors. We can strip and rebuild your carburettor or multiples. This returns them to as-new condition.

Auto-Electric Repairs

Project Shop engineers inspect wiring resistance as part of our initial appraisal of any car. This allows us to know if power is flowing correctly.

Re-Looming a Car with a New Wiring Harness

There comes a time when a car’s wiring is past its best. The combined effects of heat and corrosion mean it is cheaper to replace the whole wiring harness.

Upgrade your Stereo with Project Shop

Classic cars were often fitted with basic Mono radios receiving Long-wave and Medium-wave transmissions. In the 21st Century, this doesn’t cut any ice.

Classic Wiring Safety

Many classics, especially if they are British-made cars, have few fuses. Project Shop electricians can create bespoke wiring and additional fuse boxes.

Battery Isolator – Protecting your Electrical Systems

Project Shop can safely add a Battery Isolator to your classic, this ensures your cars electrical system is protected.

Polarity Changes

Many British cars from the 1940s to late ‘60s were wired Positive earth. This was a polarity switch from the Negative earth system that was in general use.

Electric Fuel Pump

Modern fuel is not the same as the 2-5 star that many classics were designed to run on. Project Shop is an expert in fitting electronic pumps.

Dashboard Illumination

If your instruments aren’t working, we can either replace or have them refurbished by specialists so that your own gauges go back into your own car.

Classic Car Security: Alarms, Immobilisers & Trackers

Your classic car is a serious investment. Of your time. Of your effort. Of your cash. Owning and running a classic car is an emotional thing.

Structural Repair – Welding and Fabrication

While Project Shop isn’t primarily a body shop, we can work with any owner to help repair and complete their project car.

Fabrication Perfection

Whatever your fabrication job, Project Shop has got the skills and will to make your classic car dreams come true.

Why you need to Rust Proof Your Underbody

The underside of your classic is exposed to the damaging effects of salt, stones, gravel and dirt. A complete coating of bituminous compound protects.

Why Cavity Waxing Works

Project Shop uses a variety of cavity waxes from established suppliers such as Waxoyl, Tetroseal, Dinitrol, and Wurth to safeguard the inner, unseen parts of your car.

Underbody Detailing – Coating Your Classic

Project Shop is experienced at detailing the underside of cars. With our work, you can win events on a Sunday, then drive to work on a Monday.

Servicing Classic Cars In Use

Basic servicing of your classic car can dramatically increase its reliability, longevity and performance. Project Shop are expert in servicing all makes and models of cars over 20 years old.

Rust Removal: Clearing Corrosion

Project Shop is adept at treating all forms of corrosion. We’ve seen it all. We can de-rust, then corrosion protect underbodies and internal cavities on bodyshells.

Classic Car Upgrades

Very often we see poorly-fitted upgrades, with no forethought about either longevity or retaining the car’s intrinsic qualities. Here’s what we do better.

Powder Coating: Protecting Your Investment

When Project Shop restores a car, or any sub-assembly, we like to do it properly. Which is why we offer a full range of coatings for components.

Seatbelts & Safety Belts

Project Shop is passionate about enabling owners to enjoy their cars, through the reliability and set up of the car. Having seat belts in your classic makes you safer.

Window Adjustment: Perfection In Motion

It’s imperative to get a decent fit. Otherwise you are liable to get leaks, wind noise, and the inability to roll the window up when driving along!

Adjusting Door & Panel Gaps

Owning a classic is all about enjoying the experience, and the first part of that is getting into your car.

Wheel & Tyre Upgrades

Wheel rims provide countless customisation options, and paired with improved tyres will increase grip levels and provide superior stopping distances.

Body Leaks & Panel Seals

Leaks in any car are hateful. Failed rubber seals, torn door rubbers, or corrosion could all be a factor in a damp interior.

Heater Repairs & Replacements

There’s one simple way to ensure that Britain’s weather doesn’t get in the way of your comfort when you’re travelling. You need a heater that works.

Air Conditioning Upgrades

Keeping you cool in the Summer and warm in the Winter, Air Conditioning is a great upgrade for your classic.

Convertible Hoods

Project Shop is experienced in hoods! From a simple re-proofing to keep the water out and the material in great condition, to the task of fitting a completely new hood, we can help. When it comes to frames, we’re experienced there too.

Sound Deadening

Older cars are noisier than modern ones! One simple way to improve this is to get Project Shop to increase the level of sound deadening you have fitted.

Repairing & Replacing Seats

Why put up with anything uncomfortable? Whether you need a simple frame repair or a full retrim, Project Shop can help your seats!

Thermal Coatings for Heat Management

Thermal coatings help in the management of engine bay heat and can make a HUGE difference as soon as the weather warms up.

Cooling system service, repair and upgrades

Many classic cars have very marginal cooling systems, which can cause all sorts of reliability problems. There are so many modern solutions. No car is beyond help at the Project Shop!

Customer Testimonials

Since picking the Trabant I’ve really noticed the difference. The ride is much more compliant and smooth as well as being quieter. I’m now looking forward to the drive to the former DDR next week. Alan Esam – IFA Trabant

Customer Testimonials

Just had the most amazing day with Puff. Those superstar chaps at Project Shop really listened to my issues following the 3 Legs of Man and the London-Lisbon Classic and have worked their magic. Puff is now officially a rally car! Cannot thank them all enough. Bron Burrell – Puff the Magic Wagon

Customer Testimonials

The Jaguar XJS is doing wonderfully, with the engine now running smoothly and in the most satisfying way. Your team and yourself deserve high praise for the super job done. Many thanks again. Charles de Montesquieu – Jaguar XJS 53. V12

Customer Testimonials

Thanks for making my Alfa a delight to drive again, and for going the extra mile with collection and delivery. Mark Slade – Alfa Romeo GTV 2000

Customer Testimonials

Kind, reliable and so helpful. I had purchased my first T25 camper and they checked it over thoroughly, explaining everything to be done. Simeon was attentive and never made me feel out of place or awkward. Catherine Hart – VW T25 Camper

Customer Testimonials

Victor Kristiansen – Reliant Scimitar SE4 Coupe

Project Shop Blog

Enjoy updates on current workshop projects and articles on everything Project Shop finds exciting about the classic world.

Puff the Magic Wagon – Austin Maxi Rally Car

Project Shop is delighted to have restored and prepared the World’s most famous Austin Maxi ‘Puff the Magic Wagon’. During 2017 Puff and Bron have competed across England and Europe, even staring at the Goodwood Festival of Speed.

30 Years of the Ferrari F40

Thirty years have passed since the official presentation of the F40, 21 July 1987, at the Civic Centre in Maranello, now home to the Ferrari Museum.

Lancia Stratos: Chariot of the Gods

Back in the seventies, the Bertone-designed Stratos was a game-changer and very much the weapon of choice, being the world’s first purpose-built rally car.

Mazda’s Sleek Cosmo turns 50

50 years ago Mazda launched its rotary-powered Mazda Cosmo Sport. The sleek, stylish two-seater marked the beginning of innovation that endures to this day.

Range Rover Reborn

The Series 1 Range Rover is a benchmark vehicle. It defined a new market sector. It manages to look glam whether on a farm or outside a stately home, making It completely classless. It’s classy, classic and doubles as V8 cruiser and tow wagon.

New Lister Knobbly’s for the Road

More than 60 years after the original Lister Knobbly first raced, this celebrated competition car can finally be driven legally on public roads. Unlike some ‘replica’ or ‘retro’ sports cars, the Lister Knobbly is not a classic shape on top of modern mechanicals....

Resurrection! Bringing Bron Burrell’s World Cup Rally Maxi back to life

How did Project Shop come to be involved in the restoration and campaign of Bron Burrell’s famous 1970 World Cup Rally Austin Maxi? Dave picks up the story…


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Life long Mercedes fan Charles restores Stutgartt’s 250 CE

David Scothorn’s Morris 1800

I saw ‘The Beauty Box’ for sale and was entranced. A genuine 1970 World Rally Car!

BOOK REVIEW: Jowett Jupiter

From the Jupiter’s inception to its status as a sought-after classic, ‘Jowett Jupiter – the Car that Leaped to Fame’.

BOOK REVIEW: Build a Coffee Table

Ever since Top Gear had one, every petrolhead has wanted a V8 Coffee Table. Now you can buy the book and build your own!

Irrational Love: BMW E30

Choosing between my E30 and one of my children it would be a very close run thing.

Skoda 1000 MBX turns 50

The elegant two-door ŠKODA 1000 MBX celebrates its 50th birthday this week!

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